Benefits of Availing Food Catering Services in Singapore

We all know what it is like to host an event, big or small, without the help of a food catering service in Singapore. It can be a well-planned one because you have other people helping you or it can have lots of ups and downs because you are the only person in charge of […]

Celebrating Christmas with a Mini Buffet Catering in Singapore

It’s the season to be jolly, falalala lalalala~ Christmas is coming but due to the new norm, we can only have a mini festive celebration to mark the year-end holidays and new year as the daily number of COVID-19 cases in Singapore continue to remain above the 1,000 mark.

Mini Buffet for Intimate Holiday Feast at Home

The holiday season is coming, which means it is time to gather your loved ones for an intimate holiday feast at home. However, due to the new norm, we can only have small group parties as COVID-19 cases continue to increase across Singapore.

3 Tips to Cut Your Food Catering Cost

Planning for large social gatherings or business events can be both exciting and stressful, especially when food is involved because people love to eat but the type of food catered can affect your budget.

High Tea Catering Singapore For Company’s Annual Dinner

While family meals or dinners are often flexible and can come in many different shapes and sizes, company annual dinners require a completely different set of planning involved. In fact, it is one of the biggest events that a company organizes yearly regardless if it’s a family-run SME or a corporate organisation. That’s why company […]

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Event Catering

When it comes to planning an event, the food served during the event itself is often an item that is high on the priority list. Why? Because people love to eat! It’s a well-known fact that delicious food brings people together, and good food always results in happy guests!