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While family meals or dinners are often flexible and can come in many different shapes and sizes, company annual dinners require a completely different set of planning involved.

In fact, it is one of the biggest events that a company organizes yearly regardless if it’s a family-run SME or a corporate organisation. That’s why company annual dinners require a different approach compared to other types of social dining events.

Often, a company annual dinner is held to celebrate an achievement or to provide a place for guests to mingle after a major celebration. For this reason, everything from the menu to the table settings must be planned to fit the mission and vision of the company.

As you prepare to organize a company annual dinner, use these tips to make sure that everything is in place. You can even find that sometimes, the best annual dinner can even be a simple event that can be catered by one of the best high tea catering Singapore has to offer!

High Tea Catering in Singapore: Guide To The Perfect Company Or Corporate Dinner 

1. Start Planning As  Early As You Can

With a corporate or company dinner event, it is best to begin planning as soon as possible. This helps to give you an extra cushion for times when you have to wait for someone’s approval on aspects of the event. You may also have to wait for items such as napkins to be printed with the company logo so it’s ideal to have time to work with your vendor’s schedules.

2. Plan Your Budget First & Carefully 

A well-planned company dinner starts with a well-planned budget. Once you’ve set a comfortable budget for the company event, it will ensure that the rest of the process of making the event happen fits entirely into what your budget allows, simplifying the event-planning process.

3. Finalise The Guest Count Ahead Of Time 

Forget estimating the number of guests – find out for sure who’s attending the dinner, and who isn’t. This can really help with planning seating and ensuring there is enough food to go around. Keep in mind that while you can give your guests time and the ability to change their attendance, it’s always best to make plans for slightly more people than you are expecting to show up.

4. Align The Venue’s Plans With The Theme 

The dinner decorations, menu, and layout all set the atmosphere for the event. Find out if the annual dinner should be a more formal or casual event. You should also know what the main focus of the event is to help plan the menu. For instance, small-scale, informal company dinners call for bite-sized appetizers that guests can nibble on as they chat, while formal dinners will require more focus on foods that are served at the table.

5. Plan the Menu in Advance 

The food is one of the main highlights at an annual dinner, and good caterers will always take care of everything you can think of. This includes giving you the choice of a suitable menu that has all your dietary requirements checked, and is ready to provide the choices you need to make all parties happy! Make menu planning a priority at the beginning of your planning sessions so that you have time to make corrections as needed.

6. Finalise The Dress Code And Seating Arrangements 

Now comes the final details, and they are just as important! Give your guests a heads-up on what to wear for the company annual dinner to be ready for it stylishly! Next, ensure your seating arrangements follow certain etiquette roles if it’s a formal dining event, such as having important guests be seated to the right of the host. Otherwise, having a planned table seating arrangement will ensure your company dinner runs smoothly.

Looking For The Right Caterer For Your Company Dinner In Singapore? 

Choosing the caterer for your company’s annual dinner is not as easy as it looks.

Every company annual dinner is different, and you want to make sure that all of your plans reflect your company’s culture, mission, and overall theme of the event. While it takes some extra planning, making sure that this event goes well pays off to make all the employees happy!

In fact, the best caterer can balance the quality as well as the presentation of the food while delivering the best bang for your budget! When you order a high tea catering from Chilli Manis, you’ll have a variety of dishes and small menu items to choose from.

As a halal-certified caterer, we seek to present the most authentic high tea catering to all in Singapore. Keen to try our High Tea catering services? Contact us at 6250 1112 or email sales@chillimanis.com.sg.

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