The Do’s And Don’ts Of Event Catering

do's and don'ts of event catering

When it comes to planning an event, the food served during the event itself is often an item that is high on the priority list. Why? Because people love to eat! It’s a well-known fact that delicious food brings people together, and good food always results in happy guests!

However, if you’re planning or managing an event for the first time, you’ll know that food and food catering isn’t a simple outsourcing task and is much more complicated than it seems.

In this article, we’ll go through a few Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to event catering and where you can find catering services from one of the best high tea catering in Singapore has to offer.

What you should definitely do when it comes to event catering?

  • Do work out your budget carefully  

Your event hinges on your ability to budget properly. Before you attempt to start planning, work out exactly what you’re setting aside when it comes to food for your event. This includes catering hire, waste disposal, transport and accommodation. The specific details will be unique to your event. The goal is to work out exactly what each item will cost and prioritise the essentials.

Don’t be tempted to splash the cash on any impressive “extras” if the necessities are not already in place and accounted for. This is the best way of ensuring your event does not run over budget.

  • Do plan your schedule well in advance  

One of the first rules of smooth event planning is to make a schedule at the beginning of the event as soon as you have worked out your budget.

The best event planners put schedules together for every event they run, and this includes selecting and planning the food catering aspect of the event well in advance.

This can keep you calm and organised, and ensures you have some essential room to manoeuvre and come up with alternative solutions if anything doesn’t go to plan.

  • Do communicate clearly  

There are so many people involved in event planning that it is important to keep communication channels open between all of them.

This is especially true with your food caterer for your event. You will be responsible for liaising with your team, the venue, caterers, providers of equipment and your guests.

  • Do let the catering staff do their jobs

The catering staff knows what they are doing. If you have preferences for the staff, let them know ahead of time and not at the event. Typically the catering staff is more than willing to accommodate certain requests, but also keep in mind that this is their job and they work the way they do for a reason.

What you shouldn’t do when it comes to event catering?

  • Don’t change things last minute

Once you finalize everything with your caterer, stick to the plan. It’s hard for caterers to adjust once they have placed orders and are preparing for an event. Last-minute changes can create unneeded stress and confusion, such as adding people to the guest count once the number has been confirmed.

The majority of the time, a caterer will plan for a few extra guests, but having a large number of unaccounted people is not something a caterer is prepared for. Keeping the number consistent makes life easier not only for you and your guests but also for the caterer.

  • Don’t give the caterer an unrealistic timeframe to prepare for the event

Plan ahead. It takes time for the caterer to order food and schedule staff to work at an event. If you need a caterer ASAP, you may not be able to get exactly what you want. Also, please remember to give the caterer enough time to set up prior to the event start. There’s nothing worse than having a set-up taking place as guests arrive.

  • Assume every caterer can serve alcohol

If you would like alcohol served at your event, make sure your caterer is licensed to do so. It is easy to forget that not every catering company is permitted to serve alcohol, so double-checking is always a good idea.

Looking For The Right Caterer For High Tea Or Afternoon Tea In Singapore?  

Choosing the caterer for your Afternoon Tea or High Tea session is not as easy as it looks.

The best caterer can balance the quality as well as the presentation of the food while delivering the best bang for your budget!

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