Celebrating Christmas with a Mini Buffet Catering in Singapore

It’s the season to be jolly, falalala lalalala~ Christmas is coming but due to the new norm, we can only have a mini festive celebration to mark the year-end holidays and new year as the daily number of COVID-19 cases in Singapore continue to remain above the 1,000 mark.

While the current situation may dampen your holiday spirits, it doesn’t have to be that way because you can organise a mini buffet catering for your family and/or friends at home to celebrate the festive season without risking everyone’s exposure to the virus. 

More so if you want to host a small gathering at home but dislike the idea of having to deal with the mountain of dishes that comes with cooking up a feast for your guests. As such, opting for a food catering service is your best solution.

Let’s take a look at why you should have a mini buffet catering for your Christmas gathering along with some of the food catering menu ideas you can opt to have in your mini buffet, including Chilli Manis’ 2021 Christmas Menu.

Benefits of Having a Mini Buffet Catering 

No small gathering is complete without a mini buffet catering, especially during this Christmas season. Here’s why you should opt for a mini buffet catering:

1. Buffet-style catering can save cost

Good food typically cost more than the average price. More so for the ones served in individual packaging because a portion of what you’re paying goes to the packaging such as containers and plastic wraps. Also, some caterers tend to include the amount of labour that goes into preparing individually-packed meals.

A mini buffet with food catering, on the other hand, is more cost-savvy when compared to plated, family-style, and station meal options. The food catering service can be packed a dish into one or two packaging, which reduces the use of numerous food packaging. You only need to serve them according to your liking.

2. You or your guests get to be picky

When it comes to food, everyone has the tendency to be picky about their food, including the elderly and grown adults like us. For instance, you have elderly parents who tend to be picky about their vegetables while your children may be picky about having some of the dishes being put on their plate.

Instead of having to fulfil everyone’s food palate, a mini buffet catering with some changes to the dishes will surely be a delightful experience. After all, your guests get to choose which dish they want to eat and will be glad that they’re given the freedom to do so.

3. You or your guests can have seconds

Different from plated, family-style, and station meal options, having a mini buffet catering for your Christmas gathering allows your guests to have seconds. This is because some caterers tend to provide extra food in case your guests show up at the last minute.

Even if some of your guests fail to show up, you and your other guests get to have multiple stomach-filling meals during your gathering. And at the end of the day, you and your guests will remember it as an eventful experience amid this pandemic.

 Meal Ideas for Mini Buffet for Christmas 

There are various meal ideas for your Christmas mini buffet, some of which include a whole roast turkey or chicken, and a log cake – symbolic of the festive season. If you prefer meal ideas with a touch of Peranakan flavour, Chilli Manis has got you covered with its Christmas Mini Buffet Menu below:

 Manis Christmas Peranakan Mini Buffet 

This Christmas menu offers eight courses featuring Peranakan buffet, which can cater for a minimum of 10 pax. Among the dishes that you can choose from are Seafood Nonya Fried Rice, Nonya Chap Chye with Mushroom, Signature Ayam Buah Keluak, Steamed Assam Sambal Fish, Udang Goreng Assam, and more!

 Allure Mini Buffet 

Unlike the previous Christmas menu, the Allure Mini Buffet offers nine courses featuring some of Chilli Manis’ best dishes, which can cater for a minimum of 10 pax. Some of the dishes you can choose for your mini buffet catering include Spicy Pumpkin Prawn, Breaded Scallop, Signature Homemade Salmon Otah, and more!

 Merriment Mini Buffet 

The Merriment Mini Buffet offers eight courses that can cater for a minimum of 15 pax. Choose from Chilli Manis’ Exclusive menu for a unique mini buffet experience or the Enchanted Crackling Fireplace for the full Christmas experience with its Classic Roasted Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing and Salmon Wellington from Santa’s Party Favourites.

The best part about this mini buffet menu is that you get a Free Petite Chocolate Ganache Yule Log (500g) worth $32.80 when you order any of the Christmas Menu by December 3, 2021.

 Keen to celebrate Christmas with a mini buffet catering in Singapore?  

Hosting a mini buffet for Christmas reduces all the hard work that goes into preparing them personally. You also get to spend more time enjoying the food with your loved ones. With almost no dishes to wash, a mini buffet catering for your Christmas will likely be a magical one.

The best caterer can balance the quality as well as the presentation of the food while delivering the best value for your money. When you choose a food catering service from Chilli Manis, you will have a variety of dishes and side menu items to choose from.

As a halal-certified caterer, we seek to present the best mini buffet catering service in Singapore. Keen to try our food catering service? Contact us at 6250 1112 or email sales@chillimanis.com.sg.

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