Last Minute Party Planning Catering Tips

When it comes to planning for an event, you will usually take the time to plan and ensure that everything goes smoothly. From the choice of venue to the number of guests, and most importantly, the food. After all, what is a party without good food?

But there are times when you’ll have to plan a party at the last minute. The stress that comes with it may make you feel like giving up on the party entirely, but fret not! One way of managing the stress is to focus on a party’s most important aspect – the food!

As Singapore enters Phase Two of the country’s post-Circuit Breaker, the government is allowing small-group gatherings of up to five persons while households may receive up to five visitors per day. This is the good news that you have been waiting for. You can finally catch up with your friends!

If you’re still wary of gathering outside the house, why not gather your friends and throw a party at home? But after months of being home and dealing with chores, you might feel that planning for one will be too much of a hassle.

So, what if you can make use of food catering services in Singapore to ease the headache of last-minute planning? You will also get to spend a bit more time with your invited guests and enjoy a variety of food prepared by the caterer without having to do the clean-up afterwards.

4 Tips on Planning Food Catering in Singapore

Here are some tips to simplify the planning of a last-minute party with a caterer.

  1. Setting a timeline

Although you are planning for a last-minute party, setting a timeline will get the party going in a smooth and coordinated manner. Ask yourself some questions to rid of the uncertainties. How much time do you have until the party? Which food catering service to look for? Creating a checklist will also help in ensuring that you will not miss out on any of the important matter.

  1. Deciding on the venue

In these trying times, there are limited places where you can gather. One of it being at your house which you will not need to worry about finding and booking a venue. Your guests will also get a peace of mind knowing that you are hosting the party at a location that is safe. It is the ideal venue for a small and private party. Additionally, you only need to worry about the food catering service not being able to find your house.

  1. Preparation of food

Planning for a last-minute party will require you to prepare for some limitations such as the availability of menu and food preparation. Bear in mind that some ingredients may not be readily available but give your caterer the benefit of doubt as they strive to meet your requests in short notice. Also, be rest assured that your food caterer will abide by the necessary precautions set by the government during this tough times.

  1. Be flexible

Nothing is perfect. As the saying goes, your last-minute party plans may not be carried out as smooth as you want due to some constraints. If you have another plan, you should be prepared to execute it within the shortest time. Besides, you will want to enjoy the party instead of pondering over what could have been done.

If you are looking to host a last-minute party, Chilli Manis will be able to provide an SOS Buffet Express service depending on your number of guests. The service delivery can be done within three hours of your order confirmation.

So, give us a call at (65) 6250 1112 to order right away!


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