3 Healthy Bento Set Meal Ideas For Your Work Lunch

When one mentions delivery packed lunch or Bento, you think of variety. Quality. Convenience.

What about healthy? Well, truth to be told, Bento set meal are rarely thought as healthy and nutritious. After all, we don’t get to choose what’s served and how the food is cooked!

bento meals

That thinking is now a thing of the past. More and more Singaporeans are moving towards eating healthy, or eating clean as they call it. Naturally, this has influenced how caterers create their menu and prepare their dishes.

Food service providers nationwide are adopting their menus accordingly to healthier standards. So, if you’re planning to order bento set meal as a team in the office or for family, here are 3 healthy Bento set meal ideas you should expect from your future caterer:

1. Have your proteins baked & grilled over deep-fried 

It’s hard to imagine a catered meal without a deep-fried dish. Of course, we Singaporeans love our fried chicken or fried fish. Unsurprisingly, these can contribute to our waistline if not eaten in moderation!

To go easy on the calories, you should look to your caterer’s menu for the option of choosing baked dishes instead of having it deep-fried. For example, baked fish is just as tasty as deep-fried fish fillets, but can come with up to 25% less calories! Less oil. Less fats – and less carcinogenic as well!

Another great alternative is to have your proteins grilled instead, especially when it comes to chicken! Fried chicken may be a safe and staple option on many menus, but grilled chicken can deliver the same delicious flavour while avoiding the deep fryer.

2. Insist on caterers who use fresh, quality ingredients 

There’s no easier way to make sure you’re eating healthy than to ensure your caterer sources their ingredients from trustable suppliers.

Why? It is simple – food tastes and is at their nutritional best when it is fresh!

Today, the over-processing of our ingredients have brought down their nutritional values. From freeze-drying, canning or using extensive preservative, these methods of making ingredients last longer are also making them unhealthy!

So, look out for caterer with menus that happily feature fresh ingredients, especially when it comes to vegetables. Dishes that feature local favorites like Kai Lan, long beans or ladies fingers are known to be delicious and healthy when prepared at their fresh best!

3. Always maintain your fill of fresh vegetables and fruits 

It is hardly new advice, but it is just as important as ever – getting your fill of vegetables and fruits can go a long way to ensure your meal is up to any healthy standards.

Ask any doctor (or mothers) out there, and they will tell you that getting the daily recommended portion of fresh fruits and vegetables is often touted but never practiced. We often place the blame on busyness or just forgetting to add them into our meals – that is where a catered meal can sometimes lend a helping hand.

Think your Bento set meals at a restaurant – they’re often served with a a side of salad and fruits, right? That is the magic of having your fruits and vegetables planned beforehand in your food – and you should expect your caterer to feature fresh fruits and vegetables in every menu they offer!

 When it comes to healthy, Chilli Manis’s Bento set meals have you covered 

Family gatherings deserve your full celebration without the guilt of eating unhealthy! With a healthy and hearty mix of dishes, Chilli Manis’s Bento sets can offer the best of both worlds when it comes to eating clean and delighting your taste buds.

From our catered Bento sets to a weekly corporate Bento meal plan, our Classic, Peranakan or International dishes are made with flexibility in mind for your healthy eating needs and are made with only the best and freshest ingredients. You can also be sure to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables with every Bento. Book now!

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