Enjoy A Relaxed Hari Raya With Our Halal Mini Buffet

While Hari Raya celebrations are slightly dampened by Singapore’s COVID-19 Circuit Breaker this year, it is still an occasion you can celebrate with a mini feast at home! But, as you might have experienced already, preparing for a Raya is anything but relaxing! Just think of all the things you need to prepare!

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To make enjoying a sumptuous feast this Hari Raya a little easier for you, why not get a great caterer to take care of all your food needs while you spend your time bonding with your loved ones?

From Nonya Rendang Chicken to Steamed Assam Sambal Fish to delicious Ayam Panggang, mini buffets are a great way to ensure that you and your family can enjoy great variety and quality food at the comfort of your own home! 

Why is halal mini buffet perfect for Hari Raya? 

  • Peace of mind for you and your family 

Food safety and halal certified meals should be your number 1 priority, and it is not hard to see why in today’s situation. While safety is something to be concerned about, you can always find caterers who take extra precautionary measures against the coronavirus outbreak. 

Take note of strict food safety and hygiene standards, regular cleaning, disinfecting regimes and little details like individually packed cutlery packages to be sure that your food is safe for your family. 

  • Experience the ultimate form of convenience 

Truth to be told, Hari Raya occasions can sometimes make you pull your hair out instead of letting your hair down! 

That is because there is often so much to do – rearranging furniture, setting up tables and venue decoration. Not to mention the main event – preparing the food! 

With Chilli Manis’s mini buffet, your delicious Hari Raya spread arrives at your place in food grade microwavable containers, each ready to be served to your family. 

The best part? Less washing up for you! You will not have to worry about collection after your occasion too. 

Trust us, a fuss-free experience is the ultimate luxury you can enjoy this Hari Raya! 

  • Enjoy a variety of flavours with unbeatable quality 

It is often said to go for quality and not quantity, but with the right caterer, who says you cannot have both? While it will take intensive time and labour for you to muster up say 4 dishes, a mini buffet from a good caterer can easily widen your spread to 8 or 9 delicious courses!

Think about the luxury of having chicken, fish, rice, vegetables, pastry, desserts, seafood and more to impress your hungry guests! That is why a good caterer with a flexible menu is the go- to option when you are looking for an assortment of Hari Raya flavours! 

Enjoy Raya all-year long 

If you love Hari Raya flavours, you are in luck – Chilli Manis is one of Singapore’s very few caterers with an extensive menu of mini buffet catering range that is available all year round! So, if you would like Hari Raya flavours even during Christmas seasons, it is definitely possible.

From Classic, Peranakan to International dishes of 7 to 9 courses, you and your guests will be spoilt for choice when it comes to flavours. And of course, Chili Manis is halal certified. Our Executive Chef, Serene Hoh has been serving the industry for over 36 years. Drop us a call at 6250 1112 to make a booking now!


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