Benefits of Having A Halal Buffet Catering at Planned Events

Planning a family or corporate buffet event comes with great responsibility – and an equal amount of stress as well!

Among many other things like decoration, event set-up or simply getting the timing right, a successful event or gathering often falls on the food to make it either a success or a flop!

When it comes to an event’s food, however, it isn’t as simple as just putting some food on the table. You need to think of the quantity needed, the expected preference of your guests, the buying, cooking & cleaning, dietary needs and etc.

Therefore, when it comes to food options for events and gatherings, it’s always a safer choice to have a form of buffet spread prepared by a caterer, especially if you’re in needed of a halal-cerfified food provider that you can trust.

After all, it’s always wise to consider the religious and cultural backgrounds of your guests.

If you’re still debating whether you need a halal buffet caterer for your next gathering or event have a look at some of the unexpected benefits below:

1. Greater variety of foods

One of the biggest benefits of a halal buffet catering is its possibility for variety.

More often than not, plated meals limit your guests’ choices of the dishes they prefer and the dishes they’d like to avoid.

However, a buffet gives them access to an ample spread of delicious dishes, each prepared according to their liking even you are throwing in a mini buffet catering.

2. More chances to move and mingle

If you like your event to be personal and involve socialisation, consider choosing buffets instead of plated meals!

With plated meals, people tend to stay at their tables while the food is brought to them.

With buffets, they move around and have an opportunity to interact with other guests and socialise just that much more!

3. Wow your guests with a special touch

If you’re interested in making your event or gathering more exciting, you can always request for a feature like a live food station!

This can be a centerpiece that can highlight your event and give your guests something to remember by! Adding a food station not only expands the food options, but provides another place for guests to gather and chat.

4. It can be more economical than you think

While buffets can be thought as an expensive affair, they’re often less expensive than plated meals in reality! Depending on the value that your halal buffet catering provider gives you, dishes could be made in bulk and don’t have to be separately plated and presented – this can often eliminate costs from the catering and translates into savings from your end! A buffet setting also eliminates the cost of extra serving staff!

5. Allowance for dietary restrictions

With a buffet spread, you can choose dishes base on the dietary restrictions for different guests. This way, you will have a good buffet spread containing something to everyone.

You can also sit back and discuss with your caterer about the menu items that will suit guests of particular demographics, age-group, and social background to ensure that your event gets appreciated for a nice food spread.

Choose Chilli Manis as your next halal buffet caterer

If you’re now considering a halal buffet catering service for your next event or gathering, you’re in luck!

Word of advice, do not plan things last minute.

As one of Singapore’s premier halal caterer, Chilli Manis boasts flavours that cover from classic, peranakan to international dishes!

You and your guests will be spoilt for choice when it comes to flavours.

And of course, Chilli Manis is halal certified. Our Executive Chef, Serene Hoh has been serving the industry for over 36 years.

Drop us a call at 6250 1112 to make a booking now!


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