How to surprise your guests with sumptuous high tea catering

High tea. Chances are you’ve been to one, hosted by some of the finest hotels or restaurants in Singapore. But it can be costly at times and you just want to spend some time with your close friends.

High Tea by Chilli Manis

Back in the day, high tea was often enjoyed by the British working class after ending a day’s work. Today, it’s enjoyed by everyone as a way to get together and catch up while indulging in tea and some light dishes. It has gone from being an exclusive affair to a popular affair, allowing people to connect better over time. Going for high tea with your friends at a hotel or restaurant is effortless as you needn’t prepare any of the food and drink, just your mind, body and wallet. But if you’re planning to host a high tea catering for your friends at home, we have just the right tip for you.

Type and variety of food

If you’ve been to any high tea buffet, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a variety of food for you to choose from. It’s to ensure that everyone gets the chance to indulge in something and remember about.

For your high tea session, you may want to serve an extra selection of food so that your guests can choose the type of food that’s to their liking while enjoying your event. Besides, it’s always better to have extra food than too little for a high tea session. Try incorporating local treats like Pulut Hitam with Coconut Milk to give your guests a taste of local cuisine. Better yet, serve something special such as Peranakan food as it’s one of Singapore unique food culture.

Decide on a theme

Depending on the purpose of your high tea buffet, it can be a casual affair that’s suitable between family and friends or a formal affair like a retirement party.

If you have a theme in mind, be sure to convey them to your guests and get them involved for a memorable high tea experience. Additionally, you may want to prepare your food based on the theme to suit the overall event.

Décor and food arrangement

Nothing beats a food arrangement that pleases the eyes and looks tasty at the same time. Surely you’ve noticed that the food is arranged beautifully on tiered trays by some hotels or restaurants. That’s because we tend to judge before indulging in something. Visual presentation lends an aesthetic appeal to the food, thus enticing you to try them.

High Tea Food Arrangement

Chances are you may want to create a similar ambience for your high tea session. Having a visually-appealing food may entice your friends to take some pictures as a way to remember the moment. As for a corporate event, it’s a great way to break the ice for your guests to let them get to know each other.

Cost of hosting a high tea

High tea at hotels or restaurants can be costly and if you’re a regular high tea person, it’s hardly a sustainable pastime. Opting for a high tea catering service will allow you to control the budget and select your favourite food. That way, you’ll also have room for negotiation with the caterer for any event you have in mind.

If you’re looking to host a high tea buffet for your family or friends, be sure to refer to our tips and make the appropriate arrangement for a pleasant and memorable event. After all, what are friends for if not for tea, some sweet treats and chit-chat?

At Chilli Manis, we offer two types of high tea catering services – Light Tea Reception and Deluxe Tea Reception. For the first type of high tea catering, you can have up to 7 different dishes while the second type of high tea catering offers up to 10 different dishes.

Serving Desserts for High Tea

As a halal-certified buffet caterer, we seek to present the most authentic cuisine to all in Singapore.

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