Choosing the Perfect Halal Buffet Catering

When it comes to holding an event, the food and beverage will be the main highlight. You may have noticed this at numerous events and social gatherings such as weddings, parties, reunions, corporate anniversaries, etc.

Without the food, a social gathering would be dull and leave everyone feeling hungry and agitated. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? Hiring a catering service may just do the trick and leave a lasting impression on your guests as the human memory is shaped by the context which involves the company, situation, and emotion. And not to mention the benefits that it can bring along.

Sharing Halal Food

In Singapore, about 13.5 percent of the population is Muslim and we know that they’re only allowed to consume ‘halal’ food or drink that is permitted for their consumption. With the growing number of Muslims on the island, there has been an increase in establishments which serve halal food and beverage. This means you’ll have a plethora of halal catering services to choose from, for any of your upcoming events.

The problem is, how do you choose a suitable halal catering service? What’s on their menu and how about the price range? Will there be a food sampling session before you can decide on the menu for your event? Surely you have plenty more questions about the halal food catering service. Fret not, we’re here to help you ensure that your event will be a blast among your guests by sharing all the tips.

Here’s how you can choose the perfect halal buffet catering service.

Get to know your guests

What’s an event if not for the guests? Surely you’ve attended several events to know that it takes a great amount of effort to host an event which caters to everyone’s palate. If you’re hosting one for your family and friends, it’ll be easy to gauge their preferences.

However, if you’re hosting a school reunion or company event, you may want to ask your guests to include their food preferences and allergies when they RSVP in the invitation card/letter. That way, you’ll have a general idea of what to include and exclude from the menu to ensure that the food catering suits their palate. It’ll also leave a lasting memory on your guests.

Research local halal catering services

Get some recommendations from your family or friends who have experience with halal catering services and back it up with the ones you found online. Focus on local catering services to avoid setbacks such as transportation issues which may cost you extra. Be sure to specify your searches so that you wouldn’t spend too much time searching.

Halal Food Arrangement

Another way to narrow down your searches is via their website and social media pages, to see how they interact with previous and prospective clients. You’ll then have a rough idea on what to expect from a local halal catering service in Singapore. Checking out the reviews may also help you to decide on the menu and services.

Check with MUIS

When you do your research on local halal catering services, you may want to check with Singapore’s Islamic Religious Council (MUIS) for a list of certified establishments and food preparation areas.

This will help to narrow your searches and make it easier for you to decide on the best halal catering service for your event, especially corporate and public events.

Besides, it’ll provide peace of mind for your guests as they can safely consume the food and drinks prepared without constraint.

Review the menu

Hosting a buffet event means your guests will have a variety of food and drink to choose from. But it doesn’t mean that you can simply decide on the menu. Be sure to check with your caterer before deciding on the menu and see whether they’re willing to customise a menu to fit your guests’ palates.

As the main highlight of the event, paying attention to the little details like serving halal food will go a long way to ensure that your guests have a pleasant experience. Moreover, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary mishaps while hosting an event.

Choosing the perfect halal buffet catering for your event may be tough but it’ll all be worth the effort and time once you see your guests enjoying themselves at the event. Besides, you’ll have the upper hand if you’re required to organise another event in the future.

If you’re looking to host a halal buffet event, look no further than Chilli Manis. As a halal-certified caterer, we seek to present the most authentic cuisine to all in Singapore.

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