Exciting mini buffet ideas for the holidays

mini buffet ideas for holidays

The year-end holidays are always exciting as it marks the end of another year. However, everyone will remember this year as one of the toughest years due to the global pandemic. As we continue to stay home (possibly until early next year), what better way to end the year than hosting a small gathering with some of our closest family and friends?

A small gathering is still a gathering, considering how much time and effort it takes to organise one. What’s important is the company (people) and food. Given that we Singaporeans have a passion for eating, it’s no surprise that you will want to choose the right food to make the gathering a memorable one.

It can be challenging to choose the right food as the one question that we always ask ourselves when it’s time for lunch is “What to eat ah?”. With a variety of cuisines to choose from, how do you choose the right food that’s ideal for a cosy gathering?

If planning for a small gathering seems a handful, you can opt for a catering service by Chilli Manis.

Ahead, we’re sharing our food recommendations from our mini buffet in Singapore that’ll be just right for the holiday season.

Peranakan Mini Buffet

Signature Kampong Dry Laksa

This signature Peranakan dish is a blend of regional influence with coconut milk and assam, making it a spicy and tangy dish. It’s the ideal dish to introduce Peranakan flavours to your family or friends. That’s if they’ve never had the chance to try any Peranakan dishes.

Signature Ayam Buah Keluak

This iconic dish is significant of the Peranakan flavours for its unique cooking method due to the process needed to prepare the keluak nuts. Its spicy and savoury mix of spice-filled gravy along with pieces of chicken make it seem similar to the curry chicken but has more flavours than the latter.

Otah Wrapped with Banana Leaf

This mouth-watering blend of fish paste and spices is considered a local favourite as it packs a punch of delicious flavours wrapped in banana leaf. It’s one of the dishes that is fairly authentic to the Peranakan flavours – tangy, spicy, and aromatic.

Pulut Hitam with Coconut Milk

This luscious dessert is one that shouldn’t be missed to wrap up your small holiday gathering and perfect for a high-tea session. Made of black glutinous rice and coconut milk, this equivalent of a rice porridge can relief the tastebuds after eating all the spicy and tangy Peranakan dishes.

Classic Mini Buffet

Fragrant Thai Pineapple Rice

With rice being a staple of every Singaporean household, it’s no surprise that you’ll want this dish to be present at your small gathering. This dish is perfected with fresh pineapples for a taste that’s unique and bound to leave an impression on your family and friends.

Fish Fillet with Homemade Sambal

A classic dish that’s certainly loved by many, the fish fillet is deep-fried to crisp perfection. This dish goes well with our homemade sambal to give you a fiery yet tasty dining experience.

Homemade Chicken Ngoh Hiang

This nostalgic dish initially came from Eastern China and is mainly comprised of meat and vegetables. You can rest assured that our homemade Ngoh Hiang is made of chicken meat so that everyone can enjoy it. The making of this dish is similar to the Otah Wrapped with Banana Leaf except that it’s wrapped with bean curd skin.

Loh Han Vegetable with Black Fungus

When it comes to classic home-cooked dishes, the vegetable is a must-have on any dining table. Although it’s a typical mixed vegetable dish, a little green can add balance to any of the dishes above.

Choosing the right food for your mini gathering can be challenging but with the help of a local catering service, you won’t have to be troubled by the preparations.

When you order a mini buffet from Chilli Manis, you’ll have a variety of dishes to choose from. You can also mix and match your dishes for a memorable and cosy gathering.

As a halal-certified caterer, we seek to present the most authentic cuisine to all in Singapore. Keen to try our mini buffet catering services? Contact us at 6250 1112 or email sales@chillimanis.com.sg.

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Choosing the Perfect Halal Buffet Catering

When it comes to holding an event, the food and beverage will be the main highlight. You may have noticed this at numerous events and social gatherings such as weddings, parties, reunions, corporate anniversaries, etc.

Without the food, a social gathering would be dull and leave everyone feeling hungry and agitated. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? Hiring a catering service may just do the trick and leave a lasting impression on your guests as the human memory is shaped by the context which involves the company, situation, and emotion. And not to mention the benefits that it can bring along.

Sharing Halal Food

In Singapore, about 13.5 percent of the population is Muslim and we know that they’re only allowed to consume ‘halal’ food or drink that is permitted for their consumption. With the growing number of Muslims on the island, there has been an increase in establishments which serve halal food and beverage. This means you’ll have a plethora of halal catering services to choose from, for any of your upcoming events.

The problem is, how do you choose a suitable halal catering service? What’s on their menu and how about the price range? Will there be a food sampling session before you can decide on the menu for your event? Surely you have plenty more questions about the halal food catering service. Fret not, we’re here to help you ensure that your event will be a blast among your guests by sharing all the tips.

Here’s how you can choose the perfect halal buffet catering service.

Get to know your guests

What’s an event if not for the guests? Surely you’ve attended several events to know that it takes a great amount of effort to host an event which caters to everyone’s palate. If you’re hosting one for your family and friends, it’ll be easy to gauge their preferences.

However, if you’re hosting a school reunion or company event, you may want to ask your guests to include their food preferences and allergies when they RSVP in the invitation card/letter. That way, you’ll have a general idea of what to include and exclude from the menu to ensure that the food catering suits their palate. It’ll also leave a lasting memory on your guests.

Research local halal catering services

Get some recommendations from your family or friends who have experience with halal catering services and back it up with the ones you found online. Focus on local catering services to avoid setbacks such as transportation issues which may cost you extra. Be sure to specify your searches so that you wouldn’t spend too much time searching.

Halal Food Arrangement

Another way to narrow down your searches is via their website and social media pages, to see how they interact with previous and prospective clients. You’ll then have a rough idea on what to expect from a local halal catering service in Singapore. Checking out the reviews may also help you to decide on the menu and services.

Check with MUIS

When you do your research on local halal catering services, you may want to check with Singapore’s Islamic Religious Council (MUIS) for a list of certified establishments and food preparation areas.

This will help to narrow your searches and make it easier for you to decide on the best halal catering service for your event, especially corporate and public events.

Besides, it’ll provide peace of mind for your guests as they can safely consume the food and drinks prepared without constraint.

Review the menu

Hosting a buffet event means your guests will have a variety of food and drink to choose from. But it doesn’t mean that you can simply decide on the menu. Be sure to check with your caterer before deciding on the menu and see whether they’re willing to customise a menu to fit your guests’ palates.

As the main highlight of the event, paying attention to the little details like serving halal food will go a long way to ensure that your guests have a pleasant experience. Moreover, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary mishaps while hosting an event.

Choosing the perfect halal buffet catering for your event may be tough but it’ll all be worth the effort and time once you see your guests enjoying themselves at the event. Besides, you’ll have the upper hand if you’re required to organise another event in the future.

If you’re looking to host a halal buffet event, look no further than Chilli Manis. As a halal-certified caterer, we seek to present the most authentic cuisine to all in Singapore.

Keen to try our halal buffet catering services? Contact us at 6250 1112 or email sales@chillimanis.com.sg.

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How to surprise your guests with sumptuous high tea catering

High tea. Chances are you’ve been to one, hosted by some of the finest hotels or restaurants in Singapore. But it can be costly at times and you just want to spend some time with your close friends.

High Tea by Chilli Manis

Back in the day, high tea was often enjoyed by the British working class after ending a day’s work. Today, it’s enjoyed by everyone as a way to get together and catch up while indulging in tea and some light dishes. It has gone from being an exclusive affair to a popular affair, allowing people to connect better over time. Going for high tea with your friends at a hotel or restaurant is effortless as you needn’t prepare any of the food and drink, just your mind, body and wallet. But if you’re planning to host a high tea catering for your friends at home, we have just the right tip for you.

Type and variety of food

If you’ve been to any high tea buffet, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a variety of food for you to choose from. It’s to ensure that everyone gets the chance to indulge in something and remember about.

For your high tea session, you may want to serve an extra selection of food so that your guests can choose the type of food that’s to their liking while enjoying your event. Besides, it’s always better to have extra food than too little for a high tea session. Try incorporating local treats like Pulut Hitam with Coconut Milk to give your guests a taste of local cuisine. Better yet, serve something special such as Peranakan food as it’s one of Singapore unique food culture.

Decide on a theme

Depending on the purpose of your high tea buffet, it can be a casual affair that’s suitable between family and friends or a formal affair like a retirement party.

If you have a theme in mind, be sure to convey them to your guests and get them involved for a memorable high tea experience. Additionally, you may want to prepare your food based on the theme to suit the overall event.

Décor and food arrangement

Nothing beats a food arrangement that pleases the eyes and looks tasty at the same time. Surely you’ve noticed that the food is arranged beautifully on tiered trays by some hotels or restaurants. That’s because we tend to judge before indulging in something. Visual presentation lends an aesthetic appeal to the food, thus enticing you to try them.

High Tea Food Arrangement

Chances are you may want to create a similar ambience for your high tea session. Having a visually-appealing food may entice your friends to take some pictures as a way to remember the moment. As for a corporate event, it’s a great way to break the ice for your guests to let them get to know each other.

Cost of hosting a high tea

High tea at hotels or restaurants can be costly and if you’re a regular high tea person, it’s hardly a sustainable pastime. Opting for a high tea catering service will allow you to control the budget and select your favourite food. That way, you’ll also have room for negotiation with the caterer for any event you have in mind.

If you’re looking to host a high tea buffet for your family or friends, be sure to refer to our tips and make the appropriate arrangement for a pleasant and memorable event. After all, what are friends for if not for tea, some sweet treats and chit-chat?

At Chilli Manis, we offer two types of high tea catering services – Light Tea Reception and Deluxe Tea Reception. For the first type of high tea catering, you can have up to 7 different dishes while the second type of high tea catering offers up to 10 different dishes.

Serving Desserts for High Tea

As a halal-certified buffet caterer, we seek to present the most authentic cuisine to all in Singapore.

Keen to try our high tea buffet catering services? Contact us at 6250 1112 or email sales@chillimanis.com.sg.

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Benefits of Having A Halal Buffet Catering at Planned Events

Planning a family or corporate buffet event comes with great responsibility – and an equal amount of stress as well!

Among many other things like decoration, event set-up or simply getting the timing right, a successful event or gathering often falls on the food to make it either a success or a flop!

When it comes to an event’s food, however, it isn’t as simple as just putting some food on the table. You need to think of the quantity needed, the expected preference of your guests, the buying, cooking & cleaning, dietary needs and etc.

Therefore, when it comes to food options for events and gatherings, it’s always a safer choice to have a form of buffet spread prepared by a caterer, especially if you’re in needed of a halal-cerfified food provider that you can trust.

After all, it’s always wise to consider the religious and cultural backgrounds of your guests.

If you’re still debating whether you need a halal buffet caterer for your next gathering or event have a look at some of the unexpected benefits below:

1. Greater variety of foods

One of the biggest benefits of a halal buffet catering is its possibility for variety.

More often than not, plated meals limit your guests’ choices of the dishes they prefer and the dishes they’d like to avoid.

However, a buffet gives them access to an ample spread of delicious dishes, each prepared according to their liking even you are throwing in a mini buffet catering.

2. More chances to move and mingle

If you like your event to be personal and involve socialisation, consider choosing buffets instead of plated meals!

With plated meals, people tend to stay at their tables while the food is brought to them.

With buffets, they move around and have an opportunity to interact with other guests and socialise just that much more!

3. Wow your guests with a special touch

If you’re interested in making your event or gathering more exciting, you can always request for a feature like a live food station!

This can be a centerpiece that can highlight your event and give your guests something to remember by! Adding a food station not only expands the food options, but provides another place for guests to gather and chat.

4. It can be more economical than you think

While buffets can be thought as an expensive affair, they’re often less expensive than plated meals in reality! Depending on the value that your halal buffet catering provider gives you, dishes could be made in bulk and don’t have to be separately plated and presented – this can often eliminate costs from the catering and translates into savings from your end! A buffet setting also eliminates the cost of extra serving staff!

5. Allowance for dietary restrictions

With a buffet spread, you can choose dishes base on the dietary restrictions for different guests. This way, you will have a good buffet spread containing something to everyone.

You can also sit back and discuss with your caterer about the menu items that will suit guests of particular demographics, age-group, and social background to ensure that your event gets appreciated for a nice food spread.

Choose Chilli Manis as your next halal buffet caterer

If you’re now considering a halal buffet catering service for your next event or gathering, you’re in luck!

Word of advice, do not plan things last minute.

As one of Singapore’s premier halal caterer, Chilli Manis boasts flavours that cover from classic, peranakan to international dishes!

You and your guests will be spoilt for choice when it comes to flavours.

And of course, Chilli Manis is halal certified. Our Executive Chef, Serene Hoh has been serving the industry for over 36 years.

Drop us a call at 6250 1112 to make a booking now!

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Last Minute Party Planning Catering Tips

When it comes to planning for an event, you will usually take the time to plan and ensure that everything goes smoothly. From the choice of venue to the number of guests, and most importantly, the food. After all, what is a party without good food?

But there are times when you’ll have to plan a party at the last minute. The stress that comes with it may make you feel like giving up on the party entirely, but fret not! One way of managing the stress is to focus on a party’s most important aspect – the food!

As Singapore enters Phase Two of the country’s post-Circuit Breaker, the government is allowing small-group gatherings of up to five persons while households may receive up to five visitors per day. This is the good news that you have been waiting for. You can finally catch up with your friends!

If you’re still wary of gathering outside the house, why not gather your friends and throw a party at home? But after months of being home and dealing with chores, you might feel that planning for one will be too much of a hassle.

So, what if you can make use of food catering services in Singapore to ease the headache of last-minute planning? You will also get to spend a bit more time with your invited guests and enjoy a variety of food prepared by the caterer without having to do the clean-up afterwards.

4 Tips on Planning Food Catering in Singapore

Here are some tips to simplify the planning of a last-minute party with a caterer.

  1. Setting a timeline

Although you are planning for a last-minute party, setting a timeline will get the party going in a smooth and coordinated manner. Ask yourself some questions to rid of the uncertainties. How much time do you have until the party? Which food catering service to look for? Creating a checklist will also help in ensuring that you will not miss out on any of the important matter.

  1. Deciding on the venue

In these trying times, there are limited places where you can gather. One of it being at your house which you will not need to worry about finding and booking a venue. Your guests will also get a peace of mind knowing that you are hosting the party at a location that is safe. It is the ideal venue for a small and private party. Additionally, you only need to worry about the food catering service not being able to find your house.

  1. Preparation of food

Planning for a last-minute party will require you to prepare for some limitations such as the availability of menu and food preparation. Bear in mind that some ingredients may not be readily available but give your caterer the benefit of doubt as they strive to meet your requests in short notice. Also, be rest assured that your food caterer will abide by the necessary precautions set by the government during this tough times.

  1. Be flexible

Nothing is perfect. As the saying goes, your last-minute party plans may not be carried out as smooth as you want due to some constraints. If you have another plan, you should be prepared to execute it within the shortest time. Besides, you will want to enjoy the party instead of pondering over what could have been done.

If you are looking to host a last-minute party, Chilli Manis will be able to provide an SOS Buffet Express service depending on your number of guests. The service delivery can be done within three hours of your order confirmation.

So, give us a call at (65) 6250 1112 to order right away!

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3 Healthy Bento Set Meal Ideas For Your Work Lunch

When one mentions delivery packed lunch or Bento, you think of variety. Quality. Convenience.

What about healthy? Well, truth to be told, Bento set meal are rarely thought as healthy and nutritious. After all, we don’t get to choose what’s served and how the food is cooked!

bento meals

That thinking is now a thing of the past. More and more Singaporeans are moving towards eating healthy, or eating clean as they call it. Naturally, this has influenced how caterers create their menu and prepare their dishes.

Food service providers nationwide are adopting their menus accordingly to healthier standards. So, if you’re planning to order bento set meal as a team in the office or for family, here are 3 healthy Bento set meal ideas you should expect from your future caterer:

1. Have your proteins baked & grilled over deep-fried 

It’s hard to imagine a catered meal without a deep-fried dish. Of course, we Singaporeans love our fried chicken or fried fish. Unsurprisingly, these can contribute to our waistline if not eaten in moderation!

To go easy on the calories, you should look to your caterer’s menu for the option of choosing baked dishes instead of having it deep-fried. For example, baked fish is just as tasty as deep-fried fish fillets, but can come with up to 25% less calories! Less oil. Less fats – and less carcinogenic as well!

Another great alternative is to have your proteins grilled instead, especially when it comes to chicken! Fried chicken may be a safe and staple option on many menus, but grilled chicken can deliver the same delicious flavour while avoiding the deep fryer.

2. Insist on caterers who use fresh, quality ingredients 

There’s no easier way to make sure you’re eating healthy than to ensure your caterer sources their ingredients from trustable suppliers.

Why? It is simple – food tastes and is at their nutritional best when it is fresh!

Today, the over-processing of our ingredients have brought down their nutritional values. From freeze-drying, canning or using extensive preservative, these methods of making ingredients last longer are also making them unhealthy!

So, look out for caterer with menus that happily feature fresh ingredients, especially when it comes to vegetables. Dishes that feature local favorites like Kai Lan, long beans or ladies fingers are known to be delicious and healthy when prepared at their fresh best!

3. Always maintain your fill of fresh vegetables and fruits 

It is hardly new advice, but it is just as important as ever – getting your fill of vegetables and fruits can go a long way to ensure your meal is up to any healthy standards.

Ask any doctor (or mothers) out there, and they will tell you that getting the daily recommended portion of fresh fruits and vegetables is often touted but never practiced. We often place the blame on busyness or just forgetting to add them into our meals – that is where a catered meal can sometimes lend a helping hand.

Think your Bento set meals at a restaurant – they’re often served with a a side of salad and fruits, right? That is the magic of having your fruits and vegetables planned beforehand in your food – and you should expect your caterer to feature fresh fruits and vegetables in every menu they offer!

 When it comes to healthy, Chilli Manis’s Bento set meals have you covered 

Family gatherings deserve your full celebration without the guilt of eating unhealthy! With a healthy and hearty mix of dishes, Chilli Manis’s Bento sets can offer the best of both worlds when it comes to eating clean and delighting your taste buds.

From our catered Bento sets to a weekly corporate Bento meal plan, our Classic, Peranakan or International dishes are made with flexibility in mind for your healthy eating needs and are made with only the best and freshest ingredients. You can also be sure to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables with every Bento. Book now!

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Enjoy A Relaxed Hari Raya With Our Halal Mini Buffet

While Hari Raya celebrations are slightly dampened by Singapore’s COVID-19 Circuit Breaker this year, it is still an occasion you can celebrate with a mini feast at home! But, as you might have experienced already, preparing for a Raya is anything but relaxing! Just think of all the things you need to prepare!

hari raya buffet banner

To make enjoying a sumptuous feast this Hari Raya a little easier for you, why not get a great caterer to take care of all your food needs while you spend your time bonding with your loved ones?

From Nonya Rendang Chicken to Steamed Assam Sambal Fish to delicious Ayam Panggang, mini buffets are a great way to ensure that you and your family can enjoy great variety and quality food at the comfort of your own home! 

Why is halal mini buffet perfect for Hari Raya? 

  • Peace of mind for you and your family 

Food safety and halal certified meals should be your number 1 priority, and it is not hard to see why in today’s situation. While safety is something to be concerned about, you can always find caterers who take extra precautionary measures against the coronavirus outbreak. 

Take note of strict food safety and hygiene standards, regular cleaning, disinfecting regimes and little details like individually packed cutlery packages to be sure that your food is safe for your family. 

  • Experience the ultimate form of convenience 

Truth to be told, Hari Raya occasions can sometimes make you pull your hair out instead of letting your hair down! 

That is because there is often so much to do – rearranging furniture, setting up tables and venue decoration. Not to mention the main event – preparing the food! 

With Chilli Manis’s mini buffet, your delicious Hari Raya spread arrives at your place in food grade microwavable containers, each ready to be served to your family. 

The best part? Less washing up for you! You will not have to worry about collection after your occasion too. 

Trust us, a fuss-free experience is the ultimate luxury you can enjoy this Hari Raya! 

  • Enjoy a variety of flavours with unbeatable quality 

It is often said to go for quality and not quantity, but with the right caterer, who says you cannot have both? While it will take intensive time and labour for you to muster up say 4 dishes, a mini buffet from a good caterer can easily widen your spread to 8 or 9 delicious courses!

Think about the luxury of having chicken, fish, rice, vegetables, pastry, desserts, seafood and more to impress your hungry guests! That is why a good caterer with a flexible menu is the go- to option when you are looking for an assortment of Hari Raya flavours! 

Enjoy Raya all-year long 

If you love Hari Raya flavours, you are in luck – Chilli Manis is one of Singapore’s very few caterers with an extensive menu of mini buffet catering range that is available all year round! So, if you would like Hari Raya flavours even during Christmas seasons, it is definitely possible.

From Classic, Peranakan to International dishes of 7 to 9 courses, you and your guests will be spoilt for choice when it comes to flavours. And of course, Chili Manis is halal certified. Our Executive Chef, Serene Hoh has been serving the industry for over 36 years. Drop us a call at 6250 1112 to make a booking now!

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Why Opt For Mini Buffet Catering Services?

Mini buffet caterings are often dropped off at the location in disposable trays along with disposable cutlery, napkins and cups depending on the type of buffet ordered. 

Mini buffets are perfect for events with a smaller number of people or limited space such as housewarming parties or get-togethers. It is also a way to have a variety of dishes for your guests to share with minimal food wastage.

Pros of mini buffets catering

Can be arranged in a small space 

There is no need to arrange many tables, chairs or furniture in your party venue as there is no set-up required for the buffet spread. In a regular full buffet set-up, at least two 1.8m tables are used and the setup will have to be near power points if any items require electric heaters. 

It is easier to prepare a surface for mini buffet spreads as they are not limited by space. 

Lesser time and costs 

Most caterers will use disposable items to store the food and act as cutlery therefore, there is no need to spend extra money for cutlery washing and cleaning. 

There is also no rush in finishing the food as compared to full set-up buffets that are bound by time at normally three hours. The caterers will collect their equipment promptly at the end of the session, regardless if your guests have finished eating or not. Mini buffets give you the flexibility to mingle over the food for as long as you wish. 

Lesser space required 

Without the need of setting up, mini buffets can be present at outdoor events or gatherings. It also encourages mingling among guests as everyone has to share food from the platters. 

Easier to pack extra food 

If there is extra food leftover, guests can easily pack and bring them home in the disposable trays that it comes with, preventing food wastage. 

Cons of mini buffets

Unsuitable for corporate or large-scale events 

Its disposable packaging makes it unsuitable presentation-wise for large-scale events as the company may come across as cheap and unprofessional. The food is also normally catered for smaller pax only which makes it unsuitable for large events. 

Limited food selection 

Compared to a fully set-up buffet, it is impossible for mini buffet catering to hold a cocktail or canape menu, or have live-stations with a chef who serves the food on the spot. 

Limited theme decorations

With its simple packaging, there is no room for an elaborate spread that can be decorated according to specific themes to make the event more personalised and livelier. 

Therefore, depending on the nature of your event, mini buffet caterings could be the next-best option for you and your guests to enjoy! 

Chilli Manis has an extensive menu for its mini buffet catering which offers Classic, Peranakan or International dishes ranging from 7 to 9 courses for either min. 10 or 15 pax. You can select from an assortment of mains and desserts depending on the dietary restrictions of your guests. 

Chili Manis is halal-certified and has been serving the industry for over 36 years. Book now to enjoy up to 15% off when you order from us in advance!

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Things You Didn’t Know About Peranakan and Nyonya Cuisine

Peranakan is Malay for “born here”, which refers to the Straits-born people of Chinese and Malay or Indonesian heritage. Male Peranakans are referred to as “Baba” whereas females and the culture in general of this matriarchal community are addressed as “Nyonya”. Peranakan Cuisine can be found in parts of the Malay Archipelago particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Peranakan cuisine can be considered as a hybrid of Chinese (mainly Hokkien but also Hainanese), Malay, Indian, Thai and Western colonial (Portugese, Dutch and English) influences. Peranakan food buffet started off as a blend of Chinese ingredients and cooking techniques along with species and native ingredients used by the indigenous Malays. Its flavours are usually aromatic and spicy, featuring ingredients that represent its hybridised roots. Some popular ingredients include Malay spices such as belacan (dried fermented shrimp paste) and daun limau purut (kaffir lime leaf). Other ingredients that are usually found in Chinese food include pork and kiam chye (pickled vegetable). To add a tangy taste, sometimes tropical fruits such as mangoes or belimbing (a fruit belonging to the same family as the starfruit) are used to enhance the flavours of dishes as well.

Here are some interesting facts that you may not have known about Peranakan Cuisine

The terms ‘Peranakan’ and ‘Nyonya’ are interchangeable when describing the food

When Chinese immigrants married locals, it created a unique culture with entirely new traditional beliefs, clothes and cuisine. As the women were mainly in charge of preparing meals for the family and the community, this style of cuisine is referred to as “Nyonya”. Both Baba and Nyonya are respectful and endearing terms for men and women that originally derived from the Indonesian language.

Peranakan and Nyonya dishes are never the same

Each time a dish is prepared it is up to the interpretation of the preferred flavours and ingredients of the chef. Some commonly used ingredients used in Peranakan cooking include coconut milk, laksa leaves, lemongrass and tamarind. With its abundance of ingredients and ingredients, most dishes are highly flavourful and packs a punch.

Different regions influence the cooking styles of Peranakan cuisine

Depending on the geographical influences of each community, there are regional variations of Peranakan cuisine. For example, dishes from the island of Penang in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia are influenced by the Thais which results in higher usage of tamarind and other sour ingredients like pineapple. On the other hand, dishes from Singapore and Malacca are more influenced by Indonesian cuisine, and tend to use coconut milk. One classic dish is laksa (spicy noodles served in curry-based soup). It can be prepared in two different ways: the sour asam laksa from Penang, and the coconut milk-based laksa lemak from Singapore and Southern Malaysia.

Peranakan cuisine has a long preparation time

Cooking Peranakan food requires a high level of patience and preparation in advance. Meat and seafood must be marinated in spices for many hours before so that they can thoroughly absorb all the essential spices to be used in cooking later on. Even the spices require time to prepare beforehand as fresh spices are ideal for stronger flavours. Hence, the chef will usually use a mortar and pestle to grind the ingredients such as lemongrass, wild ginger and turmeric root that are responsible for giving Peranakan food its strong and distinct flavour adored by many.

Craving deliciously authentic Peranakan Cuisine in Singapore?

Chilli Manis is a Halal certified food catering group that offers a specially curated peranakan buffet catering which features a large variety of courses for your guests to dig into. Helmed by Madam Serene Hoh who is a veteran of the food service industry with more than 36 years of operational experience managing restaurant and catering business. She specialises in serving authentic Peranakan dishes prepared with a generous serving of herbs, spices and aromas to enhance its flavours – turning even the simplest of meals into an unforgettable gastronomic affair. Get Peranakan buffet to enjoy up to 15% off when you order from us in advance!

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5 Tips To Finding The Right Corporate Catering Service

tips for successful catering

Being put in charge of the food for any event is a tough job, let alone a corporate event. After all, there might be potential clients and colleagues present, and the standard of food can either leave them happy and satisfied or disappointed. With the plethora of food catering services available in Singapore, the selection process can be long and gruelling.

To help you simplify the process here are 5 tips on choosing the right catering service for your corporate event.

1: Is the caterer suitable?

Every catering company is capable of handling a wide range of different events. With that said, certain catering companies specialise in catering for certain types of events.

To ensure that you pick the right catering service, it is important to consider the type of event you are holding, the estimated size of the guest list and the overall demographic. From there, you can then select a catering service that can serve sufficient and appropriate food at your corporate event.

2: The people’s choice

The best reviews are those that are by fellow customers. If you ever doubt whether or not you are making the right catering choice, all you have to do is a simple google search to look at the company’s track record.

There is no harm in finding out the opinions of the catering service’s past clients as it will give you an accurate view of how the catering service handles similar corporate events. You could even try reaching out to their previous clients for direct feedback. This will provide you with a clearer idea on whether to hire the catering company in mind or not.

3: Flexibility

Corporate events are important and the food which you serve can either leave a good or bad impression on clients and colleagues alike. Hence why it is important to have the freedom to customise the menu. Often, corporate events will consist of different people with different taste preferences and dietary requirements, both of which are hard to satisfy with the provided menu. Having the ability to swap out dishes and modify your menu will ensure that everyone who attends your corporate event will leave it full and happy. 

4: Responsiveness

The best catering service is the one who is keen on helping you to give the best suggestions. Therefore, one of the considerations which you will need to take into account is their responsiveness.

How quickly do they respond to your emails? How long do they take to return calls? These are questions that can often signify on whether or not the caterer is interested in serving at your event. More often than not, if the catering company responds quickly, it means that they are keen on helping you out and can be counted on to do a good job.

5: Taste test

What’s the worst thing that could happen at any event? It is when you realise the food’s taste is not up to par.

The food you serve at your event can either make it or break it. Even if the event turns out to be boring, having good food will at least leave attendees with a good impression, which is why we encourage you to request a food sampling session. During the session, ensure that the caterer prepares the same dishes that will be served at the event, and this includes their presentation. This way, you will have a good representation of whether the food will be presentable and tasty on the day itself.

Overall, being in charge of hiring the catering service for your company’s corporate event might not be as daunting as you might first imagine. If you keep these 5 tips in mind, you can rest assured that the caterer that you have chosen will do a decent job. If you happen to be looking for a catering service that can provide great customer service and delicious food for your corporate event, why not consider Chilli Manis?

At Chilli Manis, we are a team of highly dedicated professionals who strive to provide delightful Peranakan cuisine at affordable rates for any occasion. From intimate wedding receptions to corporate functions and milestone celebrations, we will customise the perfect package tailored to your budget and requirements. Order with us today for an unforgettable catering experience.

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