The Inspiration and Execution behind Chilli Manis’ Nostalgic Peranakan Flavours – Madam Serene Hoh

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When you savour a dish, do you ever wonder how it can taste so good and delectable? You can try to cook the dish based on the same recipe, but it may not taste the same. Just like how you would try cooking a dish with your grandmother’s recipe, you can never capture the same flavours.

The secret lies behind the person cooking the dishes. And for Chilli Manis, it is Madam Serene Hoh.

It’s no secret that the success of Chilli Manis halal buffet catering service in Singapore can be attributed to her passion for serving nothing less than a delectable array of Peranakan food. We share her culinary experiences and what led her to the success of Chilli Manis.

Person Behind Chilli Manis – Madam Serene Hoh

From inspiration to thoughtful execution, the brilliant mind behind the delectable dishes prepared for your enjoyment is none other than Chef Culinarian Madam Serene Hoh who helms the Kitchen at Chilli Manis Catering. We share her passion for Peranakan Cuisine and her pursuit to perfecting each and every Peranakan dish!

Madam Serene’s Culinary Experience

As a veteran of the foodservice industry, Madam Serene has more than 36 years of operational experience managing restaurants and catering businesses. For this reason, she deserves to be applauded for the success of Chilli Manis’ catering services.

Her passion for serving Peranakan cuisine was first inspired in a culinary class by Madam Chua Jim Neo, a doyenne in the fare. This became the seed of many of the modern Peranakan dishes you now see on Chilli Manis’ catering menu.

From there on, Madam Serene has been embarking on the pursuit of perfecting each Peranakan dish, spending countless hours in the kitchen, reinventing the flavours, examining textures, and fine-tuning the visuals – all to capture the essence and signature flavours of Peranakan cuisine while incorporating her exclusive twist into recipes!

Madam Serene’s Specialty

As the Executive Chef of Chilli Manis, Madam Serene has a flair for taking the finest Peranakan recipes and adding her unique touches, giving you nothing less than Authentic Peranakan dishes with a Modern Touch, right here in Singapore.

As you explore our Full Buffet Menus, you will find our signature Peranakan Buffet Menus consisting of the Peranakan Delights Buffet and Peranakan Signature. Each menu comes with a varying number of courses for a minimum of 30 pax onwards.

The two menus differ in the number of dishes served in one sitting. For instance, the Peranakan Delights Buffet offers several choices for eight dishes. This allows you to customise your own Heritage Flavoured Experience.  

The Peranakan Signatures Buffet, on the other hand, offers a total of 12 dishes in one sitting with little customisation. This menu makes it suitable for large social gatherings or even formal events.

Dishes by Madam Serene

There are plenty of dishes by Madam Serene that makes up Chilli Manis’ menu. Among them are the Blue Pea Flower Rice, Signature Ayam Buah Keluak, Nonya Rendang Chicken, Curry Assam Fish, and more! Hear from the Chef Culinarian herself on what is the best way to enjoy Chilli Manis’ Signature Dishes. 

You can taste these amazing dishes by Madam Serene by opting for Chilli Manis’ catering service in Singapore in your next event.

About Chilli Manis

Chilli Manis, which means “sweet chilli” in the Indonesian language, is a halal buffet catering service in Singapore that seeks to showcase the best of Peranakan cuisine – dishes that have amalgamated signature flavours across Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian fares. It is also a subsidiary of Neo Group.

Over the years, Chilli Manis has become one of Singapore’s popular Peranankan Buffet Caterer,  popular Peranankan Buffet Caterer serving a wide array of regular buffet, mini buffet, bento sets and more that combines nostagic Peranakan taste with a touch of modern influence.

Depending on what you order, you can enjoy as many as over ten types of dishes in one seating for your social gatherings or corporate events. You can explore our buffet menus on Chilli Manis’ website.

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