5 Corporate Catering Tips for Your Next Office Gathering Singapore

corporate catering tips for office gathering in singapore

There’s no doubt that returning to the office after long periods of home isolation feels liberating. Although there are several downsides to working in the office during these challenging times, we are social beings that thrive on connections.

And one way for us to do that is by organising office gatherings to make up for the lost time and social connections due to COVID-19.

However, planning for your next office gathering in Singapore can be tedious. This is where we come in – to provide you with five corporate catering tips to ensure the success and longevity of your corporate world.

Tip 1: Get an estimate of the headcount

One of the first few things you need to make sure of when planning an office gathering is to get an estimate of the headcount. This is because it involves the amount of food that a halal corporate catering service has to prepare.

For a corporate buffet catering, you will need to quote at least 30 pax. Avoid underestimating the headcount because your caterer might not prepare enough food for last-minute attendees. Instead, it is better to overestimate the headcount to avoid unpleasant or awkward situations.

Tip 2: Analyse your corporate budget

There’s a reason your corporate budget matters when planning an office gathering. For instance, if you have a high budget, you can choose a corporate catering service that serves fine and unique dishes.

However, if your company has a tight budget, it is best to discuss with your management and caterer to find out the estimated cost and other related expenses. This can minimise the disparity in what your guests want to eat and what your caterer can prepare.

Tip 3: Decide on the theme for your office gathering

Like most social events with varying themes, corporate events also have various types like company milestones or team-building that dictate the theme and focus. If you plan for a team-building session, you can opt for a halal bento catering style, where the food is composed of a main and side dishes, along with a delicacy, packed in a lunch box. All of which fit for a single portion.  

However, formal corporate events like the company’s anniversary or a milestone achievement will require a different type of planning. This includes opting for halal corporate catering like Chilli Manis’ corporate buffet where more food can be served to a lot more people. This ensure that everyone invited to the event enjoys the food without any worry.

Tip 4: Self-serve buffet or waiters?

Choosing between a self-serve buffet and waiters can be difficult when planning a corporate event. However, it is one of the most important questions to ask your corporate caterer.

One way to ease your planning is to assess how busy the event will be so that you can decide between a self-serve buffet and waiters. If the event is solely open to your company, you might want to opt for a self-serve buffet, which will get people to interact with each other.

Tip 5: Consider the menu options

We Singaporeans are generally foodies at heart. The choice of food served during an event often dictates our presence. More so for corporate gatherings.

Here are some of the menu options that we can suggest for your next office gathering:

  • Bento catering – Ideal for office lunches or casual corporate events. Examples of menu that you can find at Chilli Manis are the Premium, Luxe, and Ultimate Bento.
  • Mini buffet – Ideal for small corporate events like team achievement. Examples of menu that you can find at Chilli Manis are the Peranakan, Classic and International Mini Buffet.
  • Corporate buffet – Ideal for formal gatherings like office events and large-scale company celebrations. Some of the menus you can opt for are the Peranakan and Classic Buffet.

If you are still considering hiring a corporate catering service in Singapore for your office gathering,be sure to read the Benefits of Availing Food Catering Services in Singapore. This will give you some insight into the world of halal corporate catering.

About Chilli Manis

Chilli Manis, which means “sweet chilli” in the Indonesian language, is a halal buffet catering service in Singapore that seeks to showcase the best of Peranakan cuisine – dishes that have amalgamated signature flavours across Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian fares. It is also a subsidiary of Neo Group.

Over the years, Chilli Manis has become one of Singapore’s popular Peranakan Buffet Caterer, serving a wide array of regular buffet, mini buffet, bento sets and more that combines nostalgic Peranakan taste with a touch of modern influence.

Depending on what you order, you can enjoy as many as over ten types of dishes in one seating for your social gatherings or corporate events. You can explore our buffet menus on Chilli Manis’ website.


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