5 Tips To Ensure A Successful Buffet Catering

tips for successful buffet

Buffet catering often signifies a coming together of people to enjoy good food. These days, buffets can be seen at all sorts of events, from weddings to birthday parties and even casual family gatherings. However, as the demand for food catering services in Singapore increases, so have the number of options available. Ranging between mini buffets and high-tea/cocktail receptions, the options go on and on, this makes organizing a successful buffet a lot of hard work.

Hence why in this blog, we will be bringing you through our 5 tips to ensure a successful buffet catering experience.

Tip #1: Theme of the event

We start with the theme of your event. The theme can be dependant on several factors, of which the main one being the purpose of your event. Determining the purpose of why you need to engage a catering service provider will allow you to choose the right company, making your subsequent decisions easier.

If you are planning to hold a small birthday party for your child, then you might want to look at a catering service that serves Disney-themed desserts or one that provides mini buffets.

On the other hand, if you are holding a corporate event, you will be aiming to impress. So, in this case, you should look at catering services that can provide professional and extravagant buffet set-ups to leave your colleagues and clients in awe. Either way, determining the theme of your event is step one in a successful buffet.

Tip #2: Food is key

food is key The key to any successful buffet catering is to have happy bellies by the end of the event. Everyone loves a buffet because of the seemingly endless mountains of delicacies, so it is doubly disappointing when a guest turns up only to discover that the food is not to their liking. Take into account what your guests taste buds are like and choose the dishes accordingly. For instance, if you are planning to order catering services for your reunion dinner, then it would probably be better if you don’t order dishes like turkey or roasted chicken, especially if you know that your parents or grandparents have a traditional taste and prefer Asian cuisines.

Tip #3: Special dietary requirements

sspecial dietary requirements During an event it is unlikely that everyone will be of the same religion with the same dietary habits, so you should be careful in what your order. In general, it will be safer for you to look for catering services who are halal-certified to cater to your Muslim friends. Likewise, if you are having a party amongst a group of friends then it would be a good habit to check with everyone on their dietary habits, lest should you order Burbur Cha Cha when one of your friends is lactose intolerant.

Tip #4: Attendance check!

Attendance check When ordering a buffet, it is beyond easy to over-order or under-order. Knowing the headcount of your guest list is an important part of making sure you are neither wasting money or causing your guests to leave the event hungry. When enquiring with a caterer, make sure to clarify their food portions, certain catering services will give a 1:1 ratio while others might differ. One tip when ordering food for a huge event is to cater to a 10-15% non-attendance, meaning that not all of your guests might turn up. However, it is also a good habit for you to consult the caterer on the amount of food you should order in case of a full turn out.

Knowing the number of people turning up is also crucial to the type of buffet that you will be ordering. If the headcount is low, then a mini buffet will suffice, but if you are planning a huge party, then be sure to order the standard buffet so no one will have to end the night with an empty stomach.

Tip #5: Do not be shy to ask

Our final tip is to not be shy. If you want a specific decoration theme, then feel free to ask the caterer you are engaging with and see if they can meet your requirements. If you are looking to modify the menu, just inquire with the service provider. Good customer service is a telltale sign of an excellent buffet catering company, so never shy out of a request, especially if you know that it is something that will improve your event.

So there you have it, our top 5 tips in ensuring a successful buffet catering. With this, you will now be able to organise an event that is sure to leave your guests with their hunger satisfied. If you are looking for a buffet caterer with a plethora of options for you to choose from, then why not consider Chilli Manis Catering?

At Chilli Manis, we are a team of highly dedicated professionals who strive to provide delightful Peranakan cuisine at affordable rates for any occasion. From intimate wedding receptions to corporate functions and milestone celebrations, we will customise the perfect package tailored to your budget and requirements. Order with us today for an unforgettable catering experience.


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