Why Opt For Mini Buffet Catering Services?

Mini buffet caterings are often dropped off at the location in disposable trays along with disposable cutlery, napkins and cups depending on the type of buffet ordered. 

Mini buffets are perfect for events with a smaller number of people or limited space such as housewarming parties or get-togethers. It is also a way to have a variety of dishes for your guests to share with minimal food wastage.

Pros of mini buffets catering

Can be arranged in a small space 

There is no need to arrange many tables, chairs or furniture in your party venue as there is no set-up required for the buffet spread. In a regular full buffet set-up, at least two 1.8m tables are used and the setup will have to be near power points if any items require electric heaters. 

It is easier to prepare a surface for mini buffet spreads as they are not limited by space. 

Lesser time and costs 

Most caterers will use disposable items to store the food and act as cutlery therefore, there is no need to spend extra money for cutlery washing and cleaning. 

There is also no rush in finishing the food as compared to full set-up buffets that are bound by time at normally three hours. The caterers will collect their equipment promptly at the end of the session, regardless if your guests have finished eating or not. Mini buffets give you the flexibility to mingle over the food for as long as you wish. 

Lesser space required 

Without the need of setting up, mini buffets can be present at outdoor events or gatherings. It also encourages mingling among guests as everyone has to share food from the platters. 

Easier to pack extra food 

If there is extra food leftover, guests can easily pack and bring them home in the disposable trays that it comes with, preventing food wastage. 

Cons of mini buffets

Unsuitable for corporate or large-scale events 

Its disposable packaging makes it unsuitable presentation-wise for large-scale events as the company may come across as cheap and unprofessional. The food is also normally catered for smaller pax only which makes it unsuitable for large events. 

Limited food selection 

Compared to a fully set-up buffet, it is impossible for mini buffet catering to hold a cocktail or canape menu, or have live-stations with a chef who serves the food on the spot. 

Limited theme decorations

With its simple packaging, there is no room for an elaborate spread that can be decorated according to specific themes to make the event more personalised and livelier. 

Therefore, depending on the nature of your event, mini buffet caterings could be the next-best option for you and your guests to enjoy! 

Chilli Manis has an extensive menu for its mini buffet catering which offers Classic, Peranakan or International dishes ranging from 7 to 9 courses for either min. 10 or 15 pax. You can select from an assortment of mains and desserts depending on the dietary restrictions of your guests. 

Chili Manis is halal-certified and has been serving the industry for over 36 years. Book now to enjoy up to 15% off when you order from us in advance!

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