Spice Up Your Business Event with Corporate Catering

Catering Tips
22 Nov 2022
Business events can be a great way to celebrate company culture, build relationships, and generate new business leads. They can be engaging and memorable, especially when surrounded by good people and good food.

If you’re looking for a way to create the right ambience to make business events more comfortable and accommodating, hiring a corporate catering service in Singapore can come in handy.

Corporate catering services can take care of everything – from sourcing the food to setting up the catering area for your business event. This ensures your guests and event attendees are served memorable, exquisite meals while you can focus on what you’re supposed to – hosting a successful meeting or conference.

Let’s look at how corporate catering services can help to spice up your business events.

How Does Good Food Play Important Role at Business Events?

Food is one of the most important factors when planning a business event, as it is often seen as one of the best tools to impress existing and potential stakeholders. So, not only does good and thoughtful food taste great, but it can also help to build strong work alliance.

Here are four benefits of serving good food at your business event:

Why Corporate Needs a Catering Service for an Event?

Corporate catering services can provide a tremendous advantage for businesses. Among preparing and serving exquisite meals and helping you save time and money, here are four promising reasons to hire a corporate catering service for your business events:

Corporate Catering Service Offers Hassle-free Meal Solutions

Having a corporate catering service at your disposal can make organising and running an event much more manageable. They handle all the logistics of setting up and serving food to ensure that all guests enjoy a delightful mealtime. This means less stress for you and probably fewer complaints from attendees.

Corporate Catering Service Providers are Experienced Professionals

Hiring a professional means that your event will look elegant and sophisticated – something you’ll likely want to impress your clients and customers. Corporate caterers typically have a wealth of experience working with businesses large and small. They are experienced in creating memorable events that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and team.

Corporate Catering Service Providers Prepare Well-planned, Expansive Menus

Corporate catering services offer a wide variety of options, customisable menus, professional service, and high-quality food. Plus, they often have access to specialised equipment or ingredients unavailable at most grocery stores or regular food stalls. This makes corporate catering service an ideal solution for events that require exclusivity and taste, such as business receptions or corporate dinner parties.

Corporate Catering Service Promotes Goodwill and Increases Client Retention

A good meal makes people feel loved and appreciated. When everyone comes away from an event feeling happy and contented, it builds positive relationships inside and outside work. This mutual respect is crucial in a competitive marketplace.

Plus, if customers perceive your company as accommodating, thoughtful, and approachable, they’re less likely to jump ship when things get tough. Professional catering services can help your company to attain this reputation through their expertise.

Why Hire Chilli Manis for your next Business Event?

Chilli Manis, which translates to “Sweet Chilli” in Indonesian, highlights the best of Peranakan cuisine’s exclusive dishes that have combined signature flavours from Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian cuisine.

With a team of highly dedicated professionals, we take pride in providing an exceptional and one-of-a-kind experience for any business occasion. As halal-certified caterers in Singapore, Chilli Manis has well-established food preparation methodologies to produce excellent taste, adhering to the highest practices and standards. This allows your guests to enjoy the various health benefits and premium quality our unique cuisines offer.

Plus, to ensure that our food quality complements your event theme and the tastes of your guests, you can contact us for a Complimentary Corporate Food Tasting. Our Corporate Food Tasting Package includes five of our signature Peranakan dishes delivered to your door! This includes the:
At Chilli Manis, we take the best traditional Peranakan recipes and transform them into our own, providing you with premium quality corporate catering services in Singapore that serves exquisite Peranakan dishes.

Contact us today to learn more about our corporate catering options, as well as our menu for Modern Heritage Corporate Celebrations that can accommodate any business occasion.