Planning A Business Conference Lunch Menu: Choosing The Right Menu

For most of us working adults, it’s fair to say that lunch is part of the highlight of our working day. It’s a nice respite from the first half of work, and it’s a great time to catch up with your colleagues.

But imagine having to plan for lunch not just you and your colleagues, but potentially hundreds of other people – if that sounds like a stressful scenario, then planning for a business conference lunch is exactly that!

In the world of business meetings, conferences or conventions, it’s common to have speaker presentations and panels that are followed by networking sessions that happen during lunch.

This is the challenge for business conference lunch planners – how do you make sure the food and service from your caterer make your conference a success with all the right ingredients? Is the common mini buffet catering the right way to go?

In this article, we’ll explore the important things to consider when you’re planning a business conference lunch as well as the different lunch event options that you should consider when planning your conference!

4 Things To Consider When Planning A Business Conference Lunch

1. Follow the theme of the occasion

Whether it’s specified or not, every conference has a theme to it, whether it’s a formal business conference theme that’s meant for corporate presentations, or a networking-focused theme where your guests are encouraged to mix among each other.

Regardless, you’ll want your lunch conference to reflect upon the formality of the conference and inspire or stimulate conversation. This means choosing the right kind of food to be served, the right kind of service and the right kind of ambiance.

2. Know your guests and their requirements

You’ll need to know who is coming to your event. Get as much information about your guests as possible before you start making food arrangements to create as inclusive a menu as possible.

This includes details such as specific food requirements. By doing proper research and guest vetting ahead of time, you can get the jump on crafting an inclusive menu.

3. Coordinate your lunch menu with the timing of the event

Half the success of a business conference lunch is down to timing. This is important to take note of because the final menu and food you decide upon will have different time lengths to consume, and it will affect the overall flow of the event itself.

For example, western menus such as sandwiches and salads will be much faster to consume, while certain menus that include multiple dishes and longer serving times will take up more time ,

If you’d like a longer and slower-paced business conference lunch, you should choose a menu where your guests can comfortably find the time to sit around and chat in a fixed location.

Different Types Of Business Conference Lunch Menu Options

Deli Buffets

Deli buffets are popular at simpler business conference lunches for a good reason – they’re economical, easy to choose from and are generic crowd-pleasers!

A great example of a deli buffet menu might include finger foods that are easy to serve and consume, such as:

  • Salads such as mixed greens, fruit salads, potato salads
  • Finger-friendly foods such as chips and drips
  • Miniature sandwiches that are bite-sized
  • No-frills and no-mess desserts such as cupcakes or brownies

Box Lunches

If you’ve done your research and preparation right, box lunches are one of the most effective menu choices to serve your guests at a business conference lunch. Think bento sets or cafeteria lunches that have fixed food items that come pre-packed!

The reasons are simple – they are incredibly easy to be distributed to your guests, easy to consume and often easy to clean and dispose of.

However, you should ensure that the food that’s included in the box lunches meet the dietary requirements of most of your guests as they can’t pick and choose their food as compared to other lunch menu options.

Mini Buffet Catering

With appropriate preparation and planning, a mini buffet catering is the best option for formal conferences with the goal of impressing guests and ensuring the outcome of the conference is successful.

In fact, showcasing a plethora of delicious dishes that your guests have the privilege to choose from is the best way to leave a lasting impression of an event. Luckily, you’re at the right place – Chilli Manis offers some of the best mini buffet catering services in Singapore!

Some of Chilli Manis’s signature mini buffet catering menus include:

  • International Mini Buffet
  • Peranakan Mini Buffet
  • Classic Mini Buffet

Looking For The Right Caterer For Your Business Conference Lunch?

Choosing the right food for your conference can be challenging, but with the help of an expert catering service, you won’t have to be troubled by the preparations!

When you order a mini buffet from Chilli Manis, you’ll have a variety of dishes to choose from. You can also mix and match your dishes for a memorable conference.

As a halal-certified caterer, we seek to present the most authentic cuisine to all in Singapore. Keen to try our mini buffet catering services? Contact us at 6250 1112 or email


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