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Ideal for smaller gatherings, our mini party set (worth $137.80) is a perfect option for 8 to 10 guests! Food is served in disposable microwaveable containers — extremely convenient and hassle free.

Featuring some of co-founder Madam Serene Hoh’s heritage classics, be ready to journey through the true taste of Peranakan flavours.

what is included:

  • Buah Keluak Fried Rice – Fragrant blackened rice infused with earthy black nut paste.
  • Ayam PanggangTender chicken flavoured with spices, grilled to perfection.
  • Curry Assam Fish Steamed snapper cooked in spicy tamarind sauce.
  • Nonya Chap Chye with MushroomAn assortment of braised vegetables stew with black fungus, mushroom & rice vermicelli in a rich prawn stock.
  • Pulut Hitam with Coconut MilkBlack glutinous rice, served with rich coconut milk.


August 2019Winner will be announced on Thursday, 8 Aug.

Review us for a chance to win a mini party set worth $137.80!


Ting Wei

Peranakan flavours done right with a modern and festive twist. The Nasi Ambeng is perfect for small groups like ours! The extensive Nasi Ambeng platter we got consists of Blue Pea Flower Rice, Rendang Chicken, Udang Goreng Assam, Sambal Brinjal and Sambal Egg. Personally think this set is perfect to cater to diverse tastebuds given its wide spread of traditional and western selections.


We’ve enjoyed the delicious Christmas menu with a Peranakan twist from Chilli Manis tremendously! We enjoyed the platter the most as the Blue Pea Flower Rice is very fragrant and falvourful, the Rendang Chicken is perfectly marinated, the Udang Goreng Assam is fresh and tasty, the Sambal Brinjal and Sambal Eggs are delicious too!


My favourite dish in the platter was the mild spicy and tangy Buah Keluak Roasted Chicken. It’s super fragrant due to the spices used and it goes along so well with my blue rice! Prawns are super fresh and the truffle mashed potato was so generous with their truffle oil. Mouth was immersed with full flavour. It’s time for you to order a Chilli Manis catering for your next gathering.

Jonathan Lim

We catered the Chilli Manis Nasi Ambeng Holiday Sharing Set for lunch. Everyone’s favourite was the Nasi Ambeng platter which was filled with ingredients like Rendang Chicken, Udang Masak Nenas, Sambal Egg, Sambal Brinjal & Blue Pea Flower Rice! If you’re still thinking of catering ideas for your upcoming festive gatherings, this is definitely worth considering.

Gizelle Gail Dizon

The Nasi Ambeng is the star of the table, fluffy blue pea flower rice is beautiful and flavourful perfect with Udang Goreng Assam, Ayam Panggang and more! I highly recommend Chilli Manis catering for your next Christmas party!

Bryan Ong

The spread had a christmassy feel but retained the core values of traditional Peranakan cuisine, particularly the Nasi Ambeng that awed my family! We had a good experience with Chilli Manis and I will certainly order again to try out other sets available for mini gatherings.

Jessie Chua

The service staff was very efficient, set up the buffet very timely and very professional. The food was great and my family liked it very much.

Susan Lee

Good Food, good value.  Very good feedback and I quote the words from the guests – “Excellent Food”.  Will order from this caterer again for our company events.

Joan Lim

The setup decor was well executed and tasteful. Food portions are generous. Delivery personnel was polite and prompt. Food was above expectations. Will order again.

Nora Ramli

Everyone compliment the food. All dishes  are yummilicious. The quantity of each dishes are enough for everybody. Will definitely recommend Chilli Manis to our friends. Thank you Chilli Manis for making our celebration a success.

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