1 Why is there a 10% service charge on my order with setup?

The concept of a service charge is not new as it is commonly levied in hotels, restaurants and cafes. Like all establishments in the Food & Beverage industry, Catering is service based. The implementation of a 10% service charge will cover administrative and processing costs of waste management, labour and equipment setup. Unfamiliar to many, […]

2. What is the difference between Mini Buffet and Regular Buffet?

Mini buffets are ideal for events with a smaller number of people – great for casual gatherings and office lunches! Food comes in disposable microwaveable trays that are dropped off at the location. Please note that buffet setup, tables and warmers will not be provided for mini buffets. Regular buffets normally cater for a larger […]

3. How much food should I order?

We pride ourselves for using only quality ingredients and our servings cater to the exact number of guests based on your order. Our food portion for regular buffet is based on a 1:1 ratio. As certain popular dishes may run out faster than other dishes, we would encourage you to increase the quantity catered for […]

4. Will you be providing cutleries for my order?

Yes. Full set of disposable cutleries and serviettes will be provided for all menus – Mini Buffet, Regular Buffet, Executive Bento and Seminar Packages. Cutleries are provided based on 1:1. Should you require extras, they can be purchased at $1 per set.

5. What is the time for collection of the buffet?

The collection time will be 4 hours from the time of delivery or by 10.30pm, whichever is earlier. For collections after 10.30pm (same day) or the following day, an additional fee of $100 to $200 will be chargeable. Eg. If the time of delivery for the buffet is 2pm, the collection time will be at […]

6. Can I extend the collection time for my buffet?

Based on NEA’s guidelines, food is best consumed within 4 hours. Hence, please note that we are unable to accommodate any extension of the collection time. We appreciate your kind understanding on this matter.