High Tea VS Afternoon Tea: What’s The Difference?

Ever been caught off guard when someone mentions high tea and afternoon tea, and you’re left wondering what’s what? Prepare to get enlightened with Chilli Manis’ quick and useful guide. Plus, if you’re in Singapore and thinking about hosting a tea-themed bash, we’ve got the right nibbles and sips just for you – read on to find out more!

Sip Into Some Tea History

First and foremost, let’s brew a cup of knowledge. While many Singaporeans use the phrases ‘high tea’ and ‘afternoon tea’ interchangeably, there are some differences between the two meals.

  • Afternoon Tea: This English tradition, sprouting from the early 1840s, is all about elegance. Imagine fluffy scones, dainty sandwiches, and a pot of steaming tea, serving as a delightful distraction between lunch and dinner.
  • High Tea: Not as posh as it sounds, high tea was the working-class answer to hunger after a long day at work. Envision a table loaded with hearty dishes, from meats to pies and often fish, all accompanied by tea.

To put it simply, afternoon tea is a little lighter and more casual, whereas high tea is heartier and can even be a substitute for a meal (if done right). There are deeper differences, of course, such as the types of dishes traditionally served for either meal, but you don’t have to worry too much about that unless you’re in the United Kingdom and hoping to go out for an unforgettable tea time treat!

Embracing Afternoon Tea Charm

Now that you understand the difference between afternoon tea and high tea, here are some instances where the allure, elegance, and sophistication of afternoon tea are perfect:

  • Bridal Showers: Celebrate impending nuptials amidst the delicate grace of dainty treats.
  • Book Club Meetings: Discuss the latest reads while nibbling on petite sandwiches and pastries.
  • Ladies’ Luncheons: An afternoon tea setting spells class, making it apt for a ladies’ day out.
  • Art and Culture Events: Intertwine art discussions with the refinement of an afternoon tea spread.

When High Tea Fits the Bill

While the charm of afternoon tea never fades, high tea still stands tall as a fitting choice for:

  • Corporate Chats: Want to mingle work with some delightful bites? High tea is the way to go.
  • Bridal Get-togethers: Revel in pre-wedding excitement over a sumptuous array of treats.
  • Seminar Snacktimes: Take a break from hours of presentations and discussions over a mouthwatering spread of sweet and savoury.
  • Casual Family Huddles: Elevate your family gatherings with a deluxe tea reception spread.

Chilli Manis: Where Tea Traditions Meet Flavour

Looking for a smaller, intimate tea gathering or a grand affair? With options spanning from light tea reception catering to deluxe tea receptions to mini buffets for birthdaysChilli Manis promises to cater to every palate and preference. Here are just some reasons why you should venture into our world of refreshing teas and mouthwatering treats:

  • Halal-Certified Delights: With our MUIS halal-certified stamp of approval, every guest is in for a treat, free of dietary concerns. If your guests have other dietary considerations, do get in touch with our team for more information on our menus and catering.
  • Varied Options: Be it our expansive halal light tea reception buffet catering or our quaint deluxe tea reception offerings, we’re geared for all.
  • Tradition Meets Innovation: Dive into a tea experience where time-honoured recipes dance with modern twists. Our menus draw inspiration from your favourite Peranakan dishes plus traditional teatime must-haves.

Being the premier choice for halal high tea buffet catering in Singapore, we weave tradition with a sprinkle of Southeast Asian magic. Browse our halal high tea buffet catering offerings in Singapore and let Chilli Manis be your beacon to an impeccable tea soiree. Find out more in our FAQs or get in touch with our team today.


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